Discover the numerous benefits of cotton, from its eco-friendly and versatile nature to its durability and strength

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Cotton is a natural fibre grown from cotton plants. It takes around six months from planting the crop to harvest, making it a sustainable choice.


Cotton is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Untreated cotton fabric breaks down in under 6 months, however cotton blends or treated cotton can take a little longer.

Strength & Durability

Cotton is incredibly strong due to its interlinking fibrils. This strength, increased a further 30% when wet, extends the lifespan of products, enhancing sustainability.

Zero Waste

The entire cotton plant can be used for other purposes, with the seeds as feed for animals or cottonseed oil and the stalks tilled back into the soil after harvest.

Debunking the Myth: The Real Story Behind Cotton's Water Usage

Cotton has a reputation as a water-intensive crop, however it can adapt to diverse water conditions, and substantial improvements in technology and plant varieties have greatly increased its water efficiency in recent years.

Cotton, like most plants, relies on water for its growth. However, the assertion that cotton is an exceptionally water-intensive fabric is primarily rooted in data that is over a decade out of date.

Globally, cotton cultivation occupies just about 3% of the world’s agricultural land and utilizes a comparable share, approximately 3%, of agricultural water resources.

It’s also worth noting that this relatively small 3% of agricultural land dedicated to cotton production manages to meet 28% of the world’s textile requirements.

Remarkably, the cotton plant demonstrates drought tolerance and adapts to various climate conditions. In the US, 64% of cotton farming depends solely on rainfall. Among the remaining 36%, only 5% employs full irrigation.

Over the past two decades, cotton production per acre has substantially increased, while water consumption has either remained stable or decreased.

Advancements in precision irrigation techniques ensure efficient water usage, along with the development of more efficient cotton plant varieties, leading to enhanced water utilisation.

The above data from a USDA Irrigation Survey shows that cotton isn’t the thirsty, inefficient crop the internet would lead you to believe!